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Lofi Town was established with the purpose of creating a charming, gentle, and inviting space where people can find peace and joy in their everyday lives. We believe that music and art can make the world a better place, and we want to share that passion with everyone. We are committed to creating gentle and profound Lofi music, providing a sense of relaxation and tranquility for everyone. Additionally, we design unique and creative items that embody the dreamy and positive lifestyle of Lofi Town.We hope that every resident and visitor to Lofi Town will find happiness and connection, as well as a sense of peace and serenity. Through music and art, we aim to create a space of positivity and support for healing and inner peace.Join us on the journey to explore and experience the beauty and love in life at Lofi Town.

Jenny/ Mayor of Lofi Town

Lofi Town Citizens

The citizens are as diverse as the melodies that fill the air. Each individual brings a unique character and energy to the town, creating a vibrant and harmonious community. From the dreamers and the creatives to the calm and contemplative, every citizen contributes to the tapestry of life in Lofi Town, making it a place of warmth, inspiration, and unity.




“The Three Friends”

True friendship is understanding, unity, and selflessness.

“The Three Friends”

Cassie and Tellie are Beemo's best friends is a cute and compassionate robot created by a talented scientist in the town. Initially, the townspeople did not accept him because he was a robot, and Cassie was the first person in town to accept him. Cassie connected Beemo with everyone in the town, and gradually, everyone accepted him because of his friendly charateristic and willingness to help others.

Callie was adopted by a resident in the town. One day, while in town, Cassie found Tellie injured. At first, he was teased by everyone because of his unusual appearance, but he never let it get to him. He always remained patient and quietly helped those around him, which eventually led everyone to accept him. Because he had experienced being marginalized, he understood Tellie's feelings very well. Although Cassie appeared cheerful and optimistic on the outside, deep inside, he was very fragile. He always hid his true emotions, only revealing them when he met Tellie - a fellow being similar to him, allowing him to express his true feelings.